Local Scene

The Mailcon, Esperanza's seaside walk

The Malicon from a distance

The old Cieba tree

A typical scene of wild horses and their companion the egrets. There are also many wild cows and goats.

Mangrove, as in swamp. This swamp happens to be bioluminescent.

Part of the Navy's concrete complex

More horses

They do move out of the way, at their own pace

The bunkers. The Navy stored their bombs on the east side of the island and bombed the west

The ruins of a sugar mill on land commandeered by the Navy

The airport

A view of Isabella II from the last fort build by the Spanish in the new world

Suburban Isabella II

Another view from the fort

A memorial to the man killed by a misdirected bomb, which started the protests that resulted in the end of Navy bombing. The crosses contain the names of the "disobedientes" who were jailed because of their resistance to the Navy presence.

Most of the west end of the island is still off limits.

The Pink Building in Isabella II

The front of the Pink Building