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Vieques 2005

10 days on the little island off the coast of Puerto Rico. Not one traffic light. Not one fast food joint. No movie theatre. The biggest thing to do on a Saturday night is the cock fights, which takes place in one of the largest buildings on the island -- with stadium seating.

Local Culture

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean country. Vieques (pronounced B-A-K) has been lost in time for half a century. The US Navy controlled (and bombed) 2/3 of the island since the 1940s. It looks very much like a developing country

Our Inn

The Yellow Brick Inn -- our hosts Ron and Laura are from Kansas -- is on top of one of the highest points on the island

Local Scenes

Architecture, creatures, and remnants of the Navy occupation

Cliffs and Fossils


The most difficult thing about staying on the island is deciding which beach to go to

The Driveway

Hold on to your seat. This is a video of the final ascent to the hilltop where the Yellow Brink Inn rests. There are several engaging moments in this drive, which we accomplished a couple times a day. (requires QuickTime, is large and may take a bit of time to view)